pickpocket production is a film, video and art production company founded in 2004 by Andreas Bolm and Markus Nechleba.We develop and produce documentary and fiction films in the low budget field.
We consider film as a form of art that allows one to describe reality in all its complexity.


The Revenants / Die Wiedergšnger, D 2012, 62 min.
Director : Andreas Bolm
Production: weltfilm
Coproduction: pickpocket production & HFF MŁnchen
Supported by Cinefondation Residence Festival de Cannes

Dossier Scolaire/ School Files, FR/D 2012, 22 min.
Short Fiction
Director/Concept: NoŽlle Pujol, Andreas Bolm
Production: Itinťraires-Bis
Coproduction: pickpocket production & NoŽlle Pujol

Le Dossier 332, FR/D 2012, 43 min.
Director: NoŽlle Pujol
Production: NoŽlle Pujol
Coproduction: pickpocket production

All The Children But One,
Documentary, D/H 2008, 40 mn.
Commissioned by ZDF/3Sat
Director/Concept: NoŽlle Pujol / Andreas Bolm
Production: pickpocket production

Jaba, D/H 2006,  37 min.
Production: weltfilm
Coproduction: pickpocket production & HFF MŁnchen

Vlado Kristl – Ich bin ein Mensch-Versuch, D 2007, 87 min.
Director: Johanna Pauline Maier , Markus Nechleba
Production: Markus Nechleba, Johanna Pauline Maier, Pickpocket Production