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68', DCP, DE 2016

- Didn’t you know that you were giving poison to him?

- No, I didn’t know.

- Didn’t you know that the flypaper could kill a cat, didn’t you?

   Didn’t you know that it could even kill a man?

- Yes...I knew it was poison...but not as strong as that.

Words and fragments of a trial:The case of poisoners. Peasant women killing their men. On the roads of Hungary a judge is haunted by his own voice. Jacques Nolot plays the vagabonding judge obsessed and caught by the claws of the past. A film noir fantastic based on a true story.

Realisation, cinematography, sound Andreas Bolm

Cast Jacques Nolot, Melinda Perge, Annamária Kádár-Szigeti

Anita Nagy

Editor Claire Atherton

Producer Kristina Konrad

© 2016 weltfilm

Production weltfilm 
Coproduction pickpocket production
With the support of Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart
Nipkow Programm, Berlin
CNAP Image/mouvement, France
Country of production Germany