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39', DIGIBETA, D/H 2008

Life for a child in this small Hungarian village is one of simple pleasures - bike rides, play fights and hunting for gorillas. But everyone has to grow up sometime, and the nearly idyllic world of the children is shattered sooner than expected when Karcsi, their playmate, dies just before his tenth birthday. Now it’s up to Karcsi’s faithful friends to tell his story - how he loved lions and elephants, how he used to deliberately pronounce words in a funny way and how he wanted to become a doctor and develop a medicine to cure all the illnesses in the world. 

Fantasy and reality are blended together in equal measures as the children’s words keep Karcsi’s memory alive. They talk of going with their friend to the International Space Station and taking a spaceship to Mars. And they tell us how one day he lost a tooth and the wound started to bleed and didn’t stop. This is a story of the loss of childhood – an affectionate yet unsentimental goodbye.

Directing Andreas Bolm and Noëlle Pujol

Photography Noëlle Pujol

Sound recording Andreas Bolm

Editing Claire Atherton

Sound Design Cécile Chagnaud

Producer Markus Nechleba

Commissioning editor Katya Mader

Production pickpocket production 

In collaboration with ZDF/3sat

Country of production Germany

© 2008 ZDF & pickpocket production 


Locarno International Film Festival, 2019

Cinéma du réel, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, 2009

International Documentary Film Festival Munich, Allemagne, 2008 

International Independant Film Festival Indielisboa, Portugal, 2008 

Shortfilm Corner, Festival de Cannes, France, 2009 

Duisburg Documentary Film Festival, Duisburg, Allemagne, 2008 Festival International de Cinéma Expresion en Corto, Mexique, 2009 

« Miroirs du cinéma des films et des arts », Bollène, France, 2011

Le P’tit Ciné, Bruxelles, Belgique, 2011

Rolling Film Festival, Pristina, Kosovo, 2011


La vidéothèque éphémère, Musée du Jeu de Paume, commissaire Marta Ponsa, Paris, France, 2010-2011

La nuit des 1001 vidéos, Galerie Analix Forever, Genève, Suisse, 2008 


DocumFest Timisoara, Roumanie, Prix du meilleur film pour enfants et adolescents, 2008