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37', 16 mm, D/H 2003

On a lonely farm in Southern Hungary, a sixty year old couple leads a dreary life punctuated by vain rituals: getting up in the morning, eating, going back to bed, and a little activity in the middle for a few animals to make sure that they stay alive. But the documented subject is not so much the tedious aspects of domestic existence as the empty emotions that it is intended to protect. 

Is it possible, without the aid of fiction, to record the disappearance of love and its desertion in solitary memories?

This is the Bekettian challenge taken up by this film, of sad and simple beauty.

Jean-Pierre Rehm

Directing, cinematography, editing  Andreas Bolm 

Cast Ildiko Malovecz, Ferenc Malovecz, Sándor Berecz

Sound recording Károly Stocker

© 2003  Ciulei Films & HFF München

Producer Thomas Ciulei

Assistant producer Jenny Alten

Sound mix Gerhard Auer


International Filmfestival Rotterdam 2003

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2003

FID Marseille 2003

Festival dei Popoli Florenz 2003

Montreal International Film Festival of New Cinema 2003

Buenos Aires 6. Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 2004

Int. Studentenfilmfest München 2004

Shadow-Festival, Amsterdam 2004