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37', 35 mm, D/H 2006

Zoli earns his livelihood abroad by skinning chinchillas in a Danish fur factory. The film begins with the story of Zoli’s return to the periphery, to the small Hungarian village of Jaba. Zoli’s family, settled gypsies, struggle to earn their living by hiring themselves out as day-labourers. 

For Zoli, Jaba has no work and no prospects, so he kills time and waits. Standstill. “Jaba” tells the story of survival in one of Europe’s poorest regions. A movie about the outsiders. The protagonists portray their own lives. A film that is as raw and poetic as the people themselves.

Directing, Editing Andreas Bolm

Cinematography Gerd Breiter

Sound recording Károly Stocker

Sound Design Thomas Ciulei

Producer Kristina Konrad

Production weltfilm

In collaboration with HFF München

and pickpocket production

Country of production Germany

© 2006 weltfilm & HFF


 59th Festival de Cannes, Official Selection Cinefondation, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2006

Festival International du documentaire de Marseille 2006

IDFA Amsterdam 2006,

DOK.FEST München 2006

48th  Int. Festival of Documentary and Short Film, Bilbao 2006

Duisburger Filmwoche 2006

Kasseler Dokumentarfilm-und Videofest 2006

11. Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin 2006

Doc en courts Lyon 2006

Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar de Plata 2006

18th Trieste Film Festival 2007

Norwegian Documentary Film Festival 2007 


« Golden Mikeldi » for best Documentary, 48. intern. Festival of Documentary and Short Film in Bilbao, 2006

Doc en Courts Lyon: Prix special du Jury 2006.